When does Valkyrae stream?

Her schedule can get hectic.

Screengrab via Valkyrae on YouTube

Valkyrae has catapulted to the top of the streaming world in the past two years. She has leveraged her position with 100 Thieves and move to YouTube to stand out as one of the premiere female content creators.

As one of the streamers who helped to make the Among Us trend massively popular, Valkyrae is known in large part for her ability to connect with other streamers for collaborative content that is beneficial for all parties involved.

Meanwhile, her continually developing connections have helped her find her way into music videos, and now she is even branching into voice acting with a cameo in the anime Tribe Nine.

Rae’s streaming schedule can be a bit chaotic nowadays due to the off-stream projects she gets herself into. Unlike many streamers who have a set weekly schedule, she has to be flexible.

When does Valkyrae stream?

Because her schedule can vary largely week-to-week, Valkyrae is typically active on Twitter to relay to fans exactly when she will be live and what she is doing every day.

Rae releases a tentative streaming schedule on her Twitter every week or so that details what days she’ll be live, when she’ll be doing other projects, what games she’ll be playing, and who she might be playing with.

This piece will be updated with new schedule-related tweets as Valkyrae posts schedule updates. To get the information from her as quickly as possible, the best option is to follow her Twitter account. Outside of posting her schedule regularly, Rae also posts on the platform to inform people when she’s going live on YouTube on any given day.