Streamer upset at Twitch over false DMCA warning

The YouTuber claims he's been warned for a silent portion of his stream.

Image via Twitch

One week ago, Twitch announced they would be implementing a new system to notify streamers and allow them to take action when copyrighted audio is detected in their streams, but this new-and-improved process has already shown some issues. Yesterday, streamer and YouTuber Lythero called out Twitch for changing his stream settings because of a DMCA warning for a silent part of his broadcast.

In the email provided by Lythero on Twitter, Twitch claims the songs “Harvest/Famine” and “Kick Down the Doors” were detected within the first 16 seconds of his stream, leading to a DMCA warning. But when taking a look at Lythero’s VOD, the first 28 seconds of the broadcast are clearly silent.

The popular YouTuber also claims Twitch changed his settings after the DMCA warning.

“Heyyy @TwitchSupport You’ve just messed with my settings as a warning to not stream copyrighted music.” Lythero said. “Very concerning.”

Lythero isn’t the only streamer who’s had trouble with DMCA as of late. Back in January, many streamers like Hasanabi and DisguisedToast received DMCA takedowns on their Twitch channels after streaming copyrighted TV shows. Even further back, in October 2020, hundreds of Twitch partners received DMCA notices for copyrighted music, leading many to delete every Twitch clip they had ever created.

None of these DMCA issues seem nearly as egregious as receiving a warning for complete silence at the beginning of the stream, however, like what Lythero has been hit with.