Twitch updates DMCA communication, VOD settings

Twitch increases communication.

Image via Twitch

In an email update, Twitch gave its users notice the platform is updating how it communicates DMCA and copyright detections, as well as how this will affect VOD settings, according to streaming reporter Zach Bussey.

DMCA and copyright strikes are among the most prevalent obstacles for creators on Twitch, but the streaming platform has altered methods to protect and notify its users of offenses. Twitch will now send both an email and notification on the actual website if it detects copyrighted audio in any user’s VODs. These notifications will also provide a link to the associated VOD for users to review.

VODs associated with copyrighted content will continue to be automatically muted. Though the VOD itself will not be deleted, clips pertaining to potential copyright offenses will be erased. In this new update, after multiple instances of copyrighted audio detection, Twitch will automatically set users’ VODs to go unpublished.

Streamers with multiple cases of detection will still be able to review the VODs and either re-publish or download the selected video from the Creator Dashboard. Twitch has long had a ‘three-strikes’ rule pertaining to DMCA content, so after the third detection, users can expect to be automatically set to unpublished VODs.

In the email, Twitch acknowledged while previous versions of its DMCA efforts sought to protect users and mitigate the risk of copyright strikes, it failed to give proper lines of communication. With these new updates, Twitch said “these warnings can help you make more informed decisions regarding what type of content to include in your channel moving forward.”