Hasan says Master Chef meta ‘is over’ after receiving DMCA takedown

The end of an era has come.

Screengrab via Twitch.tv/hasanabi

After receiving an ominous message from Twitch staff, popular streamer and political commentator Hasanabi will no longer broadcast Master Chef, he said on stream today.

Master Chef has been at the center of Twitch’s latest reaction meta, viewed on stream by some of the platform’s biggest streamers such as xQc, Hasan, Trainwrecks, and more. The Fox program was so ingrained into the trend that Chef Gordon Ramsey even referenced his show’s proliferation on Twitch in a recent tweet.

Hasanreacted to dozens of hours of Master Chef on stream, with viewings as recent as yesterday. After receiving a DM from Twitch staffer Pluto, part of Twitch’s Partnership Department, Hasan announced the end of the Master Chef meta.

“Okay, it’s over. Yeah, Master Chef is over,” Hasan stated after a long pause on stream, “Master Chef as a meta is completely over. That’s it, it’s done.” The sudden announcement came at the dismay and disbelief of the chat. “I’m sorry boys. It’s fuck bollocks,” Hasan mimicked the television star chef, “but unfortunately Master Chef will no longer be watched on this stream or on other streams as well. There you go. Controversy ended.”

Later on Twitter, Hasan posted the copyright takedown sent to him by Twitch. Fox Network, which hosts Master Chef, issued the takedown on Hasan for rebroadcasting its program. Hasan implied other creators who also streamed the popular show will likely be unable to view the program on stream and may have also been met with similar takedowns.

This announcement comes less than a day after popular streamer Pokimane was hit with a 48-hour ban for viewing Avatar: The Last Airbender on stream. While the reaction meta has prevailed on Twitch for quite some time, restrictions only continue to clamp down on streamers.