How to use subscriber-only chat on YouTube

For when you need to put the plebs in timeout.

Image via YouTube

YouTube made numerous updates to its livestreaming features this week and among them is the option for content creators to put their chat in subscriber-only mode.

While this form of moderation has been available on Twitch for a long time, the change for YouTube comes following consistent growth over the past three years.

Sub-only chatting on YouTube can be compared to follower-only chat on Twitch. It’s worth pointing out that “Subscribing” on YouTube and Twitch have different meanings. 

On YouTube, a channel’s subscribers don’t pay a monthly fee the way that they do on Twitch. Subs on YouTube have the same function that followers do on Twitch.

Subscriber-only chatting is available for all streamers on YouTube.

To activate the chat moderation function, streamers can go to their Live Control Room and click Edit. This will open a window that shows the stream’s live settings.

From there, you can go to the “Live chat” tab, which will give you a handful of moderation options including one to change who’s allowed to send messages in chat. 

By selecting “Subscribers,” you’ll have more options pop up, allowing you to decide how long a person must be subscribed to talk in chat. This can prevent people from subbing just for a moment to spam your chat.

Once you have your settings adjusted to your liking, click the blue “Save” button in the bottom right corner of the pop-out screen and you’re all set.