Corpse Husband insists ‘not all songs need to be lyrical’ after criticism over biggest hit

The faceless streamer hit back at critics.

Screengrab via Anthony Padilla on YouTube

Corpse Husband streams less often than he used to because doesn’t enjoy it due to all the anxiety it induces. However, it hasn’t stopped him from being industrious and branching out his content in other ways. For example, he’s been putting more time into his music over the last few years.

The multi-talented creator features as the lead artist in 11 songs, including the ever-popular ‘Hot Demon B!tches Near U!!!,’ which launched in September.

Not everyone is a fan of his music, though. Some aren’t keen on his unique voice and sound, while others have even slammed certain tracks for being too simple, particularly in terms of the lyrics. Corpse Husband thinks the criticism is hilarious.

Image via Corpse Husband

“It’s funny, I’ll make a song titled ‘Hot Demon B*tches Near You,’ and people will click it and be like, ‘These lyrics are f**king trash!’” he said while featuring as a guest on popular V-Tuber Ironmouse’s stream.

Corpse Husband pointed out the irony of expecting a song with a title like that to contain deep and meaningful lyrics, before calling his critics “dumbasses” for doing so.

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Then, he mockingly imitated them and explained sometimes he feels like writing things that are more meaningful, while other times he just wants to make fun songs. “I love that song,” he added. “It’s obviously not meant to be f**king lyrical!”

Not only do his songs have millions of listens on YouTube and Spotify, but his popularity has seen him collaborate with other artists like Machine Gun Kelly on hit single ‘DayWalker,’ which has more than 90 million listens.

The Corpse Husband haters seem to be in the minority too.

It fared well on various charts and nabbed 13th spot on The Bubbling Under Hot 100, 86th on The UK Singles Charts, and hit 195th on The Billboard Global 200 recently.