Complexity Limit win World of Warcraft Race to World First Castle Nathria

Back to back.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

It wasn’t without its tribulations, but after just more than one week, Complexity Limit killed Mythic Sire Denathrius today to win World of Warcraft’s Race to World First for the Castle Nathria raid.

Outside of the first couple of bosses, Limit held a lead for practically the entire race that included 10 bosses. And in the process, they notched six World First boss kills, notably including the instance’s final three bosses: Sludgefist, Stone Legion Generals, and Sire Denathrius.

Limit’s World First victory came on the ninth day following Mythic Castle Nathria’s release last Tuesday, Dec. 15. The guild’s Denathrius kill came on their 143rd pull.

The biggest competition for Limit in Castle Nathria came from new European guild Echo. The group of former Method raiders left the organization earlier this year following its mishandling of sexual misconduct allegations brought upon by one of its raiders, MethodJosh.

Though the European guild didn’t gain access to Castle Nathria until Dec. 16 due to server reset times in the region relative to North America, they managed to catch up quickly once they were able to start killing Mythic bosses. 

On the third and fourth days of the race, Limit saw its lead dwindle when bugs prevented them from progressing on bosses like Sludgefist and Stone Legion Generals for a period of time. While they were able to find ways to progress their characters outside of Mythic raiding when they encountered the Sludgefist bug, they weren’t as lucky with the Stone Legion Generals encounter. 

Beating their heads into a bugged boss, Limit killed the penultimate boss of the raid in 292 pulls. That figure was higher than the number of pulls it took for them to kill the final boss in Ny’alotha. In the last tier of Battle of Azeroth earlier this year, Limit killed N’Zoth in 274 attempts.

The final day of raiding marked the most intense race to the finish line since the Race to World First started being broadcast in 2018.

With multiple attempts by Limit that got the boss down to less than five-percent health, Echo stormed into striking distance on the boss after their weekly reset, getting the Denathrius to 4.25-percent health on their best attempt before Limit ultimately sealed the deal.

This is the second RWF victory in a row for Complexity Limit. Prior to their wins, European powerhouse Method dominated the raiding scene before paving the way for the popular Race to World First broadcasts that have helped guilds monetize WoW raiding’s grassroots esports event.