Complexity Limit takes a break from Mythic RWF due to bugged boss encounter

"You can't pull the boss like that."

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Having a headstart in World of Warcraft’s Race to World First might sound like an advantage, but for Complexity Limit, an early lead just means that they get to be Blizzard’s guinea pigs. 

Limit came into their first attempts this morning with a lead in the Castle Nathria RWF, having downed eight out of the raid’s 10 bosses. But a bug on Sludgefist has forced them to take a break.

The stall in their progress opens up room for the new guild Echo, which is filled with former World First caliber Method raiders, to catch up. Echo is now just one boss behind Limit with six Mythic boss kills. 

Being forced to take a break is clearly frustrating for Limit’s raid leader Maximum, but it’s not something the guild isn’t used to. 

During the Race to World First campaign that the guild won in Ny’alotha, the guild had to deal with numerous bugs and hotfixes that stymied their progression because they reached practically every difficult boss before any other guild in the world.

On Sludgefist, in particular, the perceived bug that Limit is dealing with is with the boss’ Chain Slam ability that targets a player and reels them in before dealing a large amount of physical burst damage to them and anyone who’s too close.

One of the popular strategies for dealing with that ability is to use an immunity ability to avoid the mechanic. But Limit raiders realized that when they were using immunities, the boss would bug out and double cast the ability, killing raiders in the process.

“You can’t pull the boss like that,” Max said on stream. “Chain Slam is double casting and killing people. What they do when they don’t want immunities to work is they make things pierce immunities. It’s very simple to do that.”

That’s clearly not the case with Sludgefist’s Chain Slam, though, as it’s functioning on the live server right now.

“In this case what’s happening is, if it sees you as immune, it’s just hitting other people twice,” he said. “We’ve also had it hit people twice when we don’t use immunes. It’s just bugged. It’s completely bugged.”

While they can’t make progress on Sludgefist right now, Limit isn’t letting that slow them down. Having not done some weekly lockouts of the raid on its easier difficulties, Limit is now going back to clear Heroic Castle Nathria to gear some of the raid’s characters while waiting for a potential hotfix. 

“There’s no reason to be bashing your head into a bugged boss,” Max said. “We have to do splits [Heroic raids] today anyway. You might as well do it when there’s literally nothing you can do.”