White teeth cheat code: Using this revolutionary dental system will whiten your teeth while you game

Whiten your teeth while you game.

Giving a brighter smile in as little as four days, SmileBrilliant’s dentist-approved solution is the effortless way to whiten your teeth

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While coffee and energy drinks can be convenient fuel to get through long gaming marathons, they can unfortunately wreak havoc on our teeth. Even drinking just a few beverages a day, the tannins in caffeine can leave behind telltale yellow stains and spots. The good news is, thanks to the revolutionary dental products from SmileBrilliant, you can effortlessly restore your pearly whites to their former glory.

As the most dentist-recommended solution in the U.S., the Teeth Whitening Trays from SmileBrilliant are developed by dentists and use a very similar process to in-chair procedures—but at a fraction of the cost and from the comfort of your home.

Just like at the dentist, your tray will be custom fit to your teeth for more efficient whitening. The impressions are easy to complete at home using putty and plastic trays, which are then mailed back to the lab using the provided envelope. Once your impressions are received, lab technicians hand-craft an exact model of your teeth. Within three to five business days, your custom-fit impressions will be delivered to your door, along with the dentist-strength whitening gel and applicators.

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SmileBrilliant’s science-backed whitening process is tailored to your specific dental needs, ranging from the fastest kit for those with light stains (which comes with nine applicators), to the most heavy-duty trays for smokers or heavy coffee drinkers (which comes with 27 applicators). For those who struggle with sensitive teeth, you can even customize your trays to include a desensitizing solution to make the experience more comfortable. 

If your teeth aren’t on the sensitive side, the trays can be left on for up to three hours at a time. So, you can pop them on during a gaming session and whiten your teeth while you get to work. According to SmileBrilliant, the typical customer can expect results within seven to 14 applications, but some report seeing visible changes in as little as four days. And with an average Google rating of 4.8 and nearly 85 percent of customers giving five stars, the epic results speak for themselves.

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As our dentists will be quick to remind us, teeth whitening is only one aspect of oral health. Luckily, SmileBrilliant has plenty of other, innovative products that make it less of a drag to look after our teeth. With five dynamic brush modes, an in-built tongue scraper and 30-day battery life, the cariPRO™ Electric Toothbrush is widely considered one of the best on the market. For those trying to build (or maintain) the habit of flossing, the award-winning Cordless Water Flosser and U-shaped Premium Floss Picks mean you can ditch the cumbersome strings.

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With over 40 million Americans experiencing bruxism (teeth grinding) in their lifetime, SmileBrilliant’s range of personalized mouthguards deserve a mention, too. Just like the whitening trays, they’re custom designed in the lab to ensure a perfect fit.

The Custom Night Guard kit can help keep clenching, grinding and headaches at bay while you sleep (or during a particularly stressful game). Meanwhile, if you venture IRL to play some team sports, the ProShield Precision-Fit Custom Mouth Guards are a must to keep your teeth protected. They’re also popular for strength training, to reduce some of the impact if you bite down during a heavy lift. And the best part is Dot Esports users can get an exclusive 20-percent discount on the guards.

While going to the dentist is about as fun as an untimely graphic glitch, proactively using SmileBrilliant’s range can make it that little bit easier and less expensive. Start your journey towards whiter, healthier teeth here.

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