This should be the only way to play your favorite games

Z League is the answer.

Image via Z League

Written in partnership with Z League.

Everyone loves playing video games, even if they suck at them. With esports becoming more and more of a popular pastime, gamers of all skill levels are wanting to join in on the fun. Even if you are nowhere near as good as your favorite pro players, competitive play is still open to you with Z League. 

Z League is a tournament platform that provides fair, skill-based matchmaking in a variety of open tournaments. Anyone can enter, from casual players looking to have fun to more hardcore gamers trying to refine their skills. With events hosted for Call of Duty: Warzone, Apex Legends, League of Legends, and Halo Infinite, players of all kinds can participate.

Z League rates all its players by their statistics and prowess in-game. You don’t have to stream your games or submit your scores manually, it’s all taken care of automatically. Using this information, players are assigned into competitive brackets or divisions against other players of a similar skill level. This way, anyone has a chance to take home first place in every tournament they enter. Casual players can rest easy; there will be no professionals crushing their lobbies.

If you’re tired of playing only ranked and pubs, Z League provides the opportunity to play in fair competitive events. Not only does Z League use skill-based matchmaking to make sure every player is on even ground, but it also handles cheat detection. No longer will your gaming experience be ruined by smurfs and hackers.

Up for grabs in every event are site credits and cash prizes. Earned credits can be used in the Z Store to purchase many additional prizes, such as wearable swag, gaming accessories, and even gaming consoles. All new users will also get 500 credits when they sign up here.

To get started playing in Z League tournaments, check them out here. You can also download its mobile app to use Team Up, an exclusive app-only feature to find teammates, or to easily enter tournaments from your phone (download on the App Store or get it on Google Play).