EsportsBet provides easy access to cryptocurrency-based betting transactions for millennials

Easy as one, two, three.

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Written in partnership with EsportsBet.

Handling and exchanging cryptocurrency can be intimidating, especially for those looking to use it in a more casual setting. EsportsBet has endeavored to implement simple and easy-to-manage cryptocurrency-based transactions with benefits for their esports betting platform.

EsportsBet’s Defi Program will help teach customers about the various functionalities of cryptocurrency wallet connection and NFT communities. All EsportsBet customers will also be eligible for a 10% annual interest paid out daily, a rate many times higher than traditional finance.

In addition, EsportsBet’s latest sponsorship, the VORP project, seeks to give multiple types of benefits to users. These include access to EsportsBet’s AI analytics to help you make the best possible bets, unique utilities on the EsportsBet platform such as VIP levels, rebates, holder unique promotions, and the rights for NFT holders to vote on how the community’s wallet funds will be allocated.

These wallet funds can be delegated to multiple locations based on community voting. If users deem a cause worthy, they can look to vote on funding it. One of the uses for this is to allocate resources toward content creators and influencers that may lack the immediate attention and finances needed to continue their work.

The VORP project is a unique, trailblazing creation that aims to shake up the NFT space. Instead of roadmaps that may or may not be fulfilled, VORP will use utilities on a working product. The VORP Pass is a free mint funded by EsportsBet for their users. Any return on this investment will not be from the VORP itself.

EsportsBet is easy to use and can be set up in minutes. Setting up a personal cryptocurrency wallet and making your first deposit is fast and painless. Users can also purchase crypto quickly and easily using their credit cards on one of EsportsBet’s partnered exchanges, Moonpay or Huobi. Huobi even offers all EsportsBet users a 20% discount on all fees.

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