Team Vitality coach Gregan discusses picking up teenage Rocket League whiz Scrub Killa on the OMEN Esports Report

The show also featured Battlefield 5 talk with content creator Westie and esports host Lottie Van-Praag.

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Mike “Gregan” Ellis, manager and coach of Vitality’s Rocket League team, believes they could be world championship contenders after adding 15-year-old superstar Kyle “Scrub Killa” Robertson, he revealed on the OMEN Esports Report yesterday.

“Every team is trying to be a Dignitas killer,” Gregan said. “So we got Scrub Killa in, and we think this could make a Dignitas-killing team. The ultimate goal is to be the world champion in any game, if you can.”

Team Dignitas are the current Rocket League world champions and the best team over the past year, taking the title in June after a close seven-game series against NRG. But the addition of Scrub Killa, who many consider the best one-vs-one player in the game, might tip the scales. The youngster turned 15 in May, making him finally eligible to compete in the Rocket League Championship Series. He enjoyed playing with Vitality pros Victor “Fairy Peak” Locquet and Philip “pasch90” Paschmeyer so much that he joined the team.

Scrub will be the “next superstar,” Gregan said. “And I can tell you now, he’s going to be in the pro scene for Rocket League. And if there’s other games in the future that players start converting to like the first person shooters do, he’s going to be a top esports competitor for the rest of his young age where he can compete.”

Gregan talked from the couch on the third monthly episode of the OMEN Esports Report, discussing topics like his team, the importance of physical fitness and its impact on mental health in esports, and how to set up Rocket League when you’re a newbie with hosts Frankie Ward and Ceirnan “Excoundrel” Lowe.

Preceding Gregan on the show was Battlefield content creator and EA Game Changer of the Year Westie, who discussed the upcoming release of Battlefield 5 and revealed some exclusive footage of the game from Gamescom. Later he was joined on the sofa by esports interviewer and host Lottie Van-Praag, who talked about the latest esports news.

Gregan then teamed up with Rocket League rookie Van-Praag for a two-vs-two online match. Gregan handled the competition with ease, nailing four goals by himself and even setting up Van-Praag for a score of her own, leading to a 5-0 win.

Viewers who picked the pair to emerge victorious in the match were entered to win an OMEN desktop gaming PC.

If you missed the episode or want a chance at winning some OMEN gear of your own, tune in next month for episode four on Sept. 28.