Rocket League player saves goal against troll

Don't be this person.

Image via Psyonix

A Rocket League player recently encountered an opponent holding the ball just outside the goal in an effort to troll them. They managed to prevent the goal and made their opponent reconsider their trolling ways. 

The opponent was holding the ball just outside of the player’s goal and simply needed to push it slightly further to score. They wanted to bait the player to try to prevent them from scoring but would push the ball in at the last second. 

Most players would be frustrated and rush the opponent to prevent the goal, but this player took a much slower approach. They crept through their goal and got as close as possible before they boosted toward their opponent to try to block the ball. 

The opponent attempted to score, but the player managed to launch the ball above them and toward the opposite side of the field. The opponent was forced back down the field and ultimately ruined their chance for a goal. 

To make matters worse, the player confirmed they won the match by one goal, which means the opponent threw the match with their trolling antics. Other players were happy with the outcome and expressed their frustration with the annoying tactic. 

Some players claim this tactic can be useful when used correctly, but for the opponent, this was an example of it going wrong. Trolling might seem like an excellent strategy to frustrate your opponent, but it only works if you score. Remember, one goal can make the difference between victory and choking a game.