How to use voice chat in Rocket League

Everything you need to know about how to use Rocket League's voice chat.

Rocket League's red car hitting a ball.
Image via Psyonix

Communication in a competitive game is essential to ensure good coordination between players quickly and efficiently. Players who have access to good communication can set up plays they wouldn’t be able to make on their own.

According to Psyonix, Voice Chat in Rocket League is returning from May 9th, and here’s everything we know so far about how it will work in this new iteration.

How Voice Chat works in Rocket League

Players will not have any trouble enabling the option to use Voice Chat in Rocket League, as it will be enabled by default. Players will only need to plug in a headset to hear and respond to their teammates.

There will be a new Voice Chat tab in the friends list menu. Players who access this new tab can join, switch, or leave channels, either through the main menu or the pause menu within matches. There will be two different voice channels: Party Chat and Team Chat.

Party Chat

Party Chat is the way players will communicate with their friends. Whenever a Voice Chat-enabled player creates a party, they will automatically join the Party Voice Channel. Other players can join the channel and communicate in and out of matches as the connection persists between games.

Team Chat

Players who want to communicate with teammates who are not on their friends list will use the Team Voice Channel when starting a team match. This voice channel only lasts until the match in question ends and opens again with the start of another match.

How to mute players

Players on any voice channel will have access to the option to mute individuals also present on that channel. Just select the name of the player you want to mute in the Voice Chat tab and choose the mute option. When a player is muted or does not have a microphone device, a speaker icon with an ‘X’ is displayed.

How to customize Voice Chat

For players to customize their Voice Chat options, they need to access the settings menu. PC players will have the option to change audio sources in the Voice Input/Output option.

In the Voice Chat Method option, players will be able to change the default Open Mic option to the Push-to-Talk version. To use Push-to-Talk, players will need to bind the PTT button from the Controls tab to a key of their choice.