How to get unbanned in Rocket League

Learn how you can prove yourself innocent and worthy to be unbanned.

Image via Psyonix

Whether you’re a casual gamer who plays just for fun or a hardcore player who grinds a game for hours, getting banned can really disrupt your overall momentum. And in Rocket League, nobody is safe from avoiding that sanction. 

Of course, you won’t get banned for no reason. A punishment will be implemented if there’s something in the game’s rules and regulations that you violated. Some of the most common grounds for a possible ban not just in Rocket League but also in other games include the use of cheats, bots, or any other tool that’s made for the sake of cheating. 

Banning in Rocket League is also rampant today, though, mostly because of the toxic behavior some players direct to their opponents or even teammates. Some even harass others through chat, voice call, or by purposely letting their team lose. 

As for the more technical side of things that can get you banned, these include instances like account sharing or even selling somebody’s account, including their items. But it’s all just part of an umbrella cause, which is again, toxic behavior. Some do it for money and others do it to gain instant success in the game.

But redeeming yourself is also an option in Rocket League. You can be unbanned from the sanction you received, though it will still depend on the system determining if you’re innocent from the allegation directed to you. But if you really want to get back to the game, then of course, there is a way. 

Head to the Rocket League support page and log in with your platform account. You will then see the unban appeal form, wherein you need to put a subject. Something like “Unban Appeal” or “Unban Request” would do.

Proceed by filling in the required information, such as your full name, country of location, email address, and platform used, to move forward with your request. The final portion of the form will require you to provide a description of your appeal. Explain what happened in your case in a brief and concise manner. End it by clicking submit and wait for a possible email to know if your appeal gets approved. Make sure to provide an active email address.