When does Azami release in Rainbow Six Siege?

Get ready for a new exciting defender.

Image via Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege‘s Year Seven season one is filled to the brim with content, including a new operator, Map, and several other features that will improve the game for all players. Azami, the new defender joining the Siege roster, is one of the most notable updates. She is equipped with a Kiba Barrier that instantly creates a bulletproof cover. Players are anxiously waiting to get their hands on the new character, and luckily for them, that chance is coming soon. 

Siege‘s Year Seven season one, Demon Veil, releases on Feb. 21, and Azami will be available at launch. You’ll have to purchase her at the start of the season, though she’ll eventually be available to unlock via Renown. 

Azami’s unique gadget is the Kiba Barrier, a specially modified Kunai that can be thrown at almost any surface. It creates a bulletproof barrier where it lands that covers a significant area. This ability can be used to cover windows, some doorways, or to create cover in open spaces. Players can make a substantial defense by using all of the Kiba Barriers at the start of the round, or they can hold on to them and deploy them as needed as the round progresses. 

The Kiba Barrier also allows players to create vertical cover, which can block holes in the ceiling or floor. This is a significant benefit when dealing with enemies above or below you, and the Kiba Barrier can create an almost impenetrable obstacle. 

Season one, Demon Veil, launches on Feb 21.