Ubisoft shares first look at Siege’s upcoming operators, Ace and Melusi

The duo is coming to the game with Operation Steel Wave.

Screengrab via Ubisoft

Get ready to meet Rainbow Six Siege‘s next operators, Ace and Melusi.

Ubisoft introduced players to Operation Steel Wave’s upcoming characters today with a short video that showcases their appearances but doesn’t explicitly mention their kits. The company will also fully reveal the next operation during a livestream on Monday, May 18.

The attacker, Ace, appears to be a rescue worker based on his gear and attire. The video shows him rappelling into an elevator shaft with a flashlight. “There’s no chasm too wide, no wall too thick, that will stop me from bringing you home,” he says.

Melusi, on the other hand, appears to be a jungle combat operator. She stands atop a tree in an environment that resembles the African savannah, dressed in a tactical suit covered in foliage. The camera pans out to show a view of the tree and a mysterious, pulsating shockwave appears on the screen. “A true predator strikes out of necessity, not greed, and they protect what is theirs,” she says.

Although the video doesn’t go into detail on what their abilities might be, the Siege community speculates that the cinematic may have hinted at some of their gadgets—with a little help from leaks.

Reliable leaker Kormora mentioned that Y5S2 would see “some sort of a hard breach operator.” The description would fit Ace’s alleged background as a rescue worker—and would also line up with his character introduction. His “no wall too thick” line may point toward a gadget that allows him to bust through walls, similar to Thermite.

Kormora also added that the defender would have a “pyramid device” that slows down attackers that enter its radius. The pulsating shockwaves in the trailer could be a reference to that artifact.

Ubisoft hasn’t addressed the leaks yet, but the company will reveal Operation Steel Edge in full on a livestream scheduled for May 18.