Ubisoft releases Twitch Prime set for Rainbow Six Siege’s Maestro

The Italian operator is getting a new visual.

Image via Ubisoft

Maestro players in Rainbow Six Siege have a new cosmetic up for grabs and it’s free if you have Twitch Prime. Prime subscribers can now get a skin set for Maestro, which consists of a uniform, headgear, weapon skin, and a gun charm. The novelty is the second of three sets available on the platform.

The set dresses Maestro in a camouflage pattern. His body armor and beret are dyed in a bright yellow camo, which is replicated to a degree on his signature LMG, the ALDA 5.56. Players also get a specific weapon charm that showcases the character’s symbol and Gladiator helmet, also in yellow.

Maestro’s set is the second Twitch Prime reward set available this year. Ubisoft released a set for the operator Twitch (a fitting choice) and will release one for Mozzie in the future.

Twitch’s set gave the operator a gray-and-green camo pattern on her uniform, headgear, and her F2 assault rifle. Players also received a green-tinted weapon charm with her character symbol. The set is no longer available, however.

Mozzie’s set stands out the most in the collection. Unlike the other cosmetics, which feature camouflage patterns, the Mozzie-arella set is uncharacteristically comical for Siege. It dresses the operator in a bright red shirt and changes his headgear to a pizza with aviator sunglasses. Players are also getting a gun charm that showcases the operator’s new look. Twitch’s set was live for a month, which means that Mozzie’s set should become available around March 24.

To redeem Maestro’s set, players need to link their Uplay account with their Twitch Prime account through the “settings” tab on the platform’s website.