Rainbow Six Siege players are encountering a bomb exploit on Theme Park

Defending just became slighter harder.

Image via Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege players have encountered a new exploit that allows the bomb to be planted beneath a bombsite on Theme Park. The glitch allows attackers to plant the bomb without pushing a bombsite and can easily put the defenders at a disadvantage. 

A player recently uploaded a clip of them encountering an enemy using the exploit in a match. The defenders realized the bomb was beneath the bombsite and dropped down to defuse it but couldn’t disarm it in time. The exploit is easy to replicate and other players confirmed they’ve also seen players abusing it in matches. 

Another player replicated the glitch in the live build and test servers, and the issue occurred in both scenarios. But the player found an active R6 fix ticket for the issue, including several other clips from players. 

The exploit can be reproduced on PC and PS4 since multiple users from each platform have provided evidence in the ticket. There are no clips of the issue occurring on Xbox, but it’s likely an issue across all platforms. 

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Ubisoft will likely notice the ticket soon and work to resolve the issue in a future update. It’s unclear when the changes listed in the developer notes will go live, but a fix for the exploit could also be included. In the meantime, be wary of the glitch when defending on Theme Park.