How to check Rainbow Six Siege’s server status

Here are the best ways to check for issues.

Image via Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege is a popular first-person tactical shooter that attracts thousands of players every day. The unique gameplay requires players to use special gadgets or abilities to outsmart their opponents in a semi-destructible environment that ensures every match is different. 

But, like most games, the Rainbow Six Siege servers will experience issues that prevent players from connecting to online matches. This is often a frustrating experience that leaves fans scratching their heads, wondering if the problem is on their end or a network issue.

Here are a few ways to check Rainbow Six Siege’s server status to understand the issue and try to figure out when you can drop back into a match. 

Official Rainbow Six Siege server status

Ubisoft has an official website dedicated to tracking any issues with Rainbow Six Siege service across all platforms. Players can check at a glance if there are any problems on PC, PS4, or Xbox One and expand each section for more information. 

The individual sections break down each platform by connectivity, authentication, store, and matchmaking. The information confirms if each section is operational or down to help players understand what area of the game is experiencing problems. 

The official website is updated regularly and should be your first stop when checking Rainbow Six Siege’s server status. 

Social media

The official social media accounts for Rainbow Six Siege will also update fans with information if the game is experiencing severe issues that impact most of the player base. Ubisoft will typically announce an issue and say it’s working on addressing the problem. It’ll follow up when the issue is resolved, which usually takes a few hours unless it’s a major problem. 

Players can also check to see if other community members are talking about server issues in Siege. Try typing Rainbow Six server issues into the search bar on Twitter and see if many other players are reporting the same problem. Players will typically announce their issues before it appears on Ubisoft’s radar. 

This is an excellent way to monitor the game in your regular social media feed, but it’s not always the most accurate or specific method. Some issues might impact the minority of players and will only be tracked on the official server website or through a third party. 


Downdetector is a popular website that highlights any issues websites and servers might be experiencing. It can detect problems with Rainbow Six servers and breaks down the issues on a timeline to help players identify when the issues started. It also provides a worldwide outage map to help players understand if it’s a regional or global issue. 

Downdetector even highlights the issues players are reporting, such as server connection, login, or website problems. This isn’t an official website supported by Ubisoft, but it’s typically an excellent resource when checking Rainbow Six Siege’s server status. 

These resources should help you understand the status of Rainbow Six Siege’s servers and give you a timeline on when you can expect to be back in the game.