Rainbow Six Pro League relegation schedule revealed

Get your Halloween candy ready.

Image via steamXO

The regular season of the Rainbow Six Pro League ended on Oct. 16. Fans knew which teams would be facing relegation, but not when.

ESL revealed when each division of R6 Pro League will facing relegation today.

Season 10 of the Pro League saw a fair amount of upsets. Veteran squads lagged behind and newcomers played spoiler to some of the most storied teams in the league. Some veteran teams have even found themselves on the relegation chopping block. 

North American division fans will see the veteran squad Rogue face relegation alongside Soniqs. Latin American teams in danger of relegation are Elevate and MIBR, while European squads GiFu and PENTA are also in peril. Seeing veteran squads like PENTA and Rogue face relegation seems to signal a changing of the guard, especially with less experienced squads making the finals. 

Fans will get to see each team face off with Challenger League frontrunners starting on Oct. 31.

The European division will begin at 12pm CT on Thursday, Oct. 31. Since Halloween falls on a weekday, this might be solid entertainment for those staying at home to hand out candy for trick-or-treaters. PENTA will be the main match to watch here, especially if BDS Esport make it through. 

The North American division will follow the European relegation games at 7pm CT on Friday, Nov. 1. These matchups will be of special interest due to the possibility of Rogue being removed from the Pro League. Soniqs are also a point of interest since they just made the Pro League after the season nine relegation tournament. 

The Latin American division will close out the relegation matches at 12pm CT on Saturday, Nov. 2. MIBR are the more interesting team to watch in these matchups since they were just at the Milan Finals of season nine. Seeing the team drop from such a high standing was surprising for fans of the esport. With the level of talent coming out of Latin America, MIBR are going to have to outshine their season 10 performances by a wide margin if they want to hang onto their Pro League slot. 

There’s been a bit of a lull in terms of mainstream R6 esports recently, but the relegation games should quench the Pro League thirst. The Tokoname, Japan Finals take place from Nov. 9 to 10, but until then, don’t forget to catch the official broadcast of the relegation matches here starting Oct. 31