New streamer charms coming with R6 Operation Shifting Tides

Ubisoft continues to show support to content creators.

Image via Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege will be getting its newest batch of streamer charms with the upcoming release of Operation Shifting Tides. 

The newest wave of charms continues the tradition of Ubisoft adding streamer charms to the game at the start of every season. Charms are available for the entirety of the season in which they’re released. All charms released in Year Four will be available until the close of Operation Shifting Tides. 

Streamers Gabbo, LagonisR6, KiXSTAR, and Kalera are joining the fold with the imminent launch of Operation Shifting Tides. Returning charms include MacieJay, BikiniBodhi, Bnans, Matimi0, and 17 more. The four new charms will round out Year Four’s cycle of streamer charms. The devs are always on the lookout for new streamers and creators to shine a light on by giving them their own charms, according to the official post

Getting a hold of one of these charms is easy. Fans can gain access to their favorite streamer’s charm by linking their Twitch account to their Uplay account and subbing to the streamer whose charm they’d like to have in-game. For a more in-depth guide on how to link accounts, fans can visit here. Once a fan has a charm, it’s theirs for good, even if they choose to unsubscribe to the streamer’s channel. 

Ubisoft is already on the hunt for new faces to bring into the fold at the start of 2020. The company closed its post by laying out the ground rules for selection. Prospective creators should have at least 450 concurrent viewers, an average of 10 Rainbow Six Siege streams per month, at least 20 hours of Siege per month, must be in good standing with Ubisoft, and have “high quality” content, according to the official post. 

The new streamer charms will become available with the launch of Operation Shifting Tides, but Ubisoft has yet to announce a release date for the new season.