How to redeem codes in Rainbow Six Extraction

Claim your rewards as quickly as possible.

Screengrab via Ubisoft

Redeem codes are one of the easier methods to unlock content in games. If you pre-ordered Rainbow Six Extraction, you’ll receive bonus content in the form of redeem codes. But applying them is trickier than expected.

Players’ first instinct is to copy and paste these codes to the code redemption pages of their preferred gaming platforms. Unlike most games, however, Rainbow Six Extraction codes can’t be redeemed through Xbox, PlayStation, Epic Games Store, or the Ubisoft Launcher.

Here’s how you can redeem codes in Rainbow Six Extraction.

  • Navigate to Ubisoft’s official code redemption website
  • Log into the website with your Ubisoft account
  • Select your preferred gaming platform and double-check your username
  • After choosing your gaming platform, you’ll be able to enter your code
  • Once you enter the code, click on Submit my Code

Ubisoft will automatically send you a confirmation email when your rewards get delivered to your account. This will happen shortly after pressing Submit my Code.

At the moment, players can submit their codes for bonus content by using this method. Considering the game recently came out, however, there’s a chance Ubisoft will roll out more codes in the form of collaborations or events. Future codes will also most likely be redeemable using this method.