Gallery reveals changes to ‘Stadium’ SI map in Rainbow Six Siege

Will it hit the live servers soon?

Screengrab via Ubisoft

The 2020 Six Invitational battle pass is bringing a new map for Rainbow Six Siege players called Stadium.

Complete with an in-universe lore update, the Stadium is a combination of the maps Hereford Base and Oregon.

In a blog post, Ubisoft revealed changes to the map, which has yet to hit the live servers even though the 2021 Six Invitational battle pass has been released.

The updates to the map are detailed in a gallery and it looks like the new Stadium will feature elements of Border and Coastline. This could indicate that Border and Coastline are set to be reworked down the line since the reworked Oregon was announced during 2020’s Six Invitational. This is shown through the pictures that resemble Border’s 2F Armory/Archives bomb site and Coastline’s iconic white couches in the VIP room.

Rainbow Six Siege competitive players have been requesting changes to Border and Coastline for some time. Border is simply stale and its many windows lend a hand to defensive overaggression. Coastline is heavily attacker favored, a completely unique map in that regard. It’s the only map in which a hard breacher isn’t essential on attack and its wide-open roof doesn’t give defenders many options to move around once the round starts.

The reworked Stadium map hasn’t hit the live servers yet, but it could arrive soon since we’re moving closer to the mid-February start of the Six Invitational.