Best weapon attachments in Rainbow Six Siege

Find your loadout.

Image via Ubisoft

Outfitting your weapons with the right attachments is key to winning your gunfights in Rainbow Six Siege. Selecting the correct barrel can help with a particular gun’s recoil, selecting the right sight for your positioning can help you win gunfights. With Siege’s one-shot head-shot mechanic, getting your loadout right the first time is the most effective way to secure kills.

Which grip should I use?

Siege only has two grips: the angled and the vertical. The vertical grip greatly helps with overall recoil control, but greatly slows aim down sights speed, and the angled grip greatly helps with the aim down sights speed but doesn’t do as much as the vertical grip for recoil.

So, you’ll need to determine what distance you’re going to be taking fights at. If you’re going to be working with long-range, best to take the vertical grip. You’ll need the extra recoil control in case you need to spray at long ranges, and the aim down sights speed you won’t need.

If you’re going to be fighting in close, you won’t need the recoil control over time, and will need the aim down sights speed to snap to targets faster.

Of course, there are caveats: if you can control the recoil using the angled grip, take the angled grip. If no angled grip is offered, consider taking the vertical grip over no grip at all, although no grip has a faster aim down sights time than the vertical grip.

Which barrel should I use?

In North Star, the way barrel attachments work has completely changed. Flash hider only affects vertical recoil, muzzle break affects first shot recoil, and the compensator only affects horizontal recoil.

The best barrel is going to be completely dependent on the horizontal recoil of the gun. If you’re running a gun with a lot of horizontal kick, the compensator is your best friend. Most often you’ll use the flash hider, though. Guns in Siege have much more vertical recoil than they do horizontal recoil.

What sight should I use?

As a general rule of thumb, the higher magnification sights are better in Siege. The ACOG sight used to reign supreme, but ACOGs were taken away from most operators. Nowadays, the 2.0x sight is the most common sight you’ll see.

There are some contextual exceptions, dependent on playstyle, however. For instance, if you’re playing Sledge and want to play vertically, you might want the 1.5x instead of the 2.5x on the L85A2. The shorter magnification will help with those in-close encounters.

Attachments in Siege are somewhat based on “feel.” There isn’t a best overall setting because many different maps and situations require different tools. It takes a bit of tinkering, but with time you’ll find the best loadout for your situation.