Secret cards revealed for Pokémon OCG Sky Stream and Towering Perfection includes Rayquaza VMAX, Raihan, and Zinnia

There are over 40 cards between the two sets.

Image via The Pokemon Company

A week after regular cards for the upcoming Sky Stream and Towering Perfection Pokémon OCG dual set were revealed, the remaining secret cards have also made their way online.

The newly revealed cards were leaked in a post to Pokémon forum Pokébeach. The set launches on July 9 and features plenty of Dragon-type Pokémon, including its two stars Rayquaza and Duraludon. Both of these species, plus many others, received the secret treatment in this set.

Included in the Sky Stream side of the set are 23 secret cards, Special Art V and Vmax Rayquaza, Gyarados, Trevenant, and Rayquaza Vmax, alternate art V cards for Dragonite and Medicham, and new trainer cards including both secret and rainbow variants of Zinnia’s Resolve.

The Towering Perfection set also have 23 secret cards, including Special Art V and Vmax Duraldon cards, the Raihan trainer card along with its rainbow variant, V forms of Suicune, Golkurk, Lycanroc, Garbodor, Noivern, and more.

This upcoming dual set will introduce some new species to the OCG including Sword and Shield legendary Pokémon Regielecki and Regidrago. The rest of the set boasts other popular species from the Galarian region, including the three legendary birds Moltres, Articuno, and Zapdos, and other legendaries such as Dialga, Suicune, and Kyurem. You can check out a full list of the regular cards included here.

If you plan on getting your hands on this set, it will launch in Japan on July 9. For those in the west, many of these cards will be adapted for the English TCG and released in the August set Evolving Skies alongside cards from the previously released OCG set Eevee Heroes. Fans can pre-order these packs now for their August 27 release.