Potential Pokémon Scarlet and Violet leak outlines Indigo Disk story, new Tera Type, and more

Real or not, this is a fun theory.

Terapagos in its Terastal Form in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.
Image via The Pokemon Company

Content “leaks” for Pokémon media are a dime a dozen, especially close to new game releases, meaning most have little value. The latest info dump gaining traction online, however, seems to describe a substantial portion of Scarlet and Violet: The Indigo Disk.

A screenshot of a 4Chan post dated Sept. 20 has been making the rounds on social media on Nov. 19, with the original poster providing a five-part breakdown of what they claim The Indigo Disk’s story and new content will be. Typically, you can hand-wave things like this away until the Pokémon content actually drops, but this post was originally shared just days after The Teal Mask was released on Sept. 13 and correctly predicted that The Indigo Disk would drop on Dec. 14—along with some information we have seen in other leaks. 

Right after the correct release date prediction, the post details more information about the upcoming Legendary Pokémon Terapagos than we have seen from any other source, though you should still take it with a grain of salt until it’s officially confirmed.

According to the post, Terapagos will be a Normal/Rock-type Pokémon in its Normal Form and then become a Dragon/Rock-type when it turns into its Terastal Form. Additionally, this leak shares that the teased 19th Tera Type from the last Indigo Disk trailer could be called Ultima Type and introduce new forms for select Pokémon like Terapagos and Pawmott. 

When Terpagos enters battle, it automatically enters its Terastal Form, which is the only dual-typed Tera Type in the game—it is also Tera-locked just like Ogerpon. 

As for the Ultima Type, or Ultima State as the post mentions, will act as a “typeless” form that has no weaknesses but also has no supereffective options, meaning its Tera Blast will always be neutral to every opponent. From there, the leaker details several Pokémon that fans theorized existed, including additional Paradox Pokémon and what appears to be the main antagonist of the DLC: Dokutaro. 

Dokutaro is likely the “evil” being that seemed to be influencing Kieran throughout The Teal Mask and could share ties to the Loyal Three—Okidogi, Munkidori, and Fezandipiti. It is rumored to be a Ghost/Poison-type and will seemingly play a significant role in the second DLC’s story. 

There are also four other Pokémon mentioned here that we haven’t seen yet. Hydrapplin, the evolution of Dipplin that we know exists and was rumored to be hydra-like already, Paradox versions of Terrakion and Entei called Iron Hooves and Royal Beast that will be Psychic/Rock-type and Fire/Dragon-type respectively, and a new Mythical Pokémon that is an Ice/Poison-type serpent that won’t appear in the DLC itself. 

Finally, the longest portion of this leak is a full detailing of what is a very believable outline for the story of Indigo Disk that plays into previous rumors such as returning characters and where Area Zero comes into play. 

For the DLC’s main story, the leaker says various people such as Kieran will be possessed by Dokutaro during your time visiting Blueberry Academy. You will complete a sidequest to save them and beat Kieran at the end of your challenge to the school’s Elite Four, which will then open a new kind of Battle Facility you can challenge over and over, seemingly like a Battle Tower of sorts. 

Nemona is also mentioned as appearing and getting an Ultima State Pawmott for the post-game facility rematches. 

For fans hoping for a hint at Black and White remakes, Blueberry Academy is in Unova, but reportedly nothing comes of it. The only tie to the region other than being located there seems to be Drayden showing up in the post-game, since one of the Elite Four members is all but confirmed to be his grandson—so don’t get your hopes up on that front. 

Terapagos will be present in the story, and the leak notes that the player will try to catch it with a Master Ball, but that will fail, leading to a quest to learn more about the Pokémon by traveling around Paldea, Kitakami, and finally, Area Zero. 

Potential spoilers here if these leaks do end up being true, but reportedly, Terapagos created Area Zero and Herba Mystica 2,000 years ago and has the ability to “forcibly evolve Pokémon.” This power can go out of control and cause Pokémon to mutate into different states, with Paradox Pokémon being mentioned here. 

According to the post, some Pokémon in Area Zero were mutated into Paradox Pokémon, which shows they are entirely different species rather than simply ancient or future forms of Pokémon we already know. Those mutated Pokémon rampaged and nearly destroyed Area Zero, causing Terapagos to rest in the center of the crater and become a source of energy that we learned about through existing SV lore. 

Heath and his Cyclizar as depicted in the Scarlet and Violet Book.
We don’t know much about Heath yet. Screenshot via Nintendo

The post also notes that Heath, one of the original people that explored Area Zero more than 200 years before canon, had a Cyclizar with him, and it was the first Pokémon to transmutate, becoming the Koraidon or Miraidon you befriended at the start of SV

Putting aside how this leak makes the concept of Paradox Pokémon even more confusing, the overall structure and depth of the post, paired with the date, seem to give it substantial credibility. This is further reinforced by several points that link back to rumors shared by other leakers, game data, and hints in both the SV base game and Teal Mask, though some oddities like calling Dokutaro by what appears to be its codename raise some flags. 

We will have to wait for The Indigo Disk to release on Dec. 14 to truly see how accurate this leak was, though one other prominent leaker has already claimed it is “very fake.” Even if it is debunked, the depth and attention to detail will provide some fun theories in the meantime.


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