Pokémon UNITE to test spectate feature as part of Aug. 4 update

The test will run for two days.

Screengrab via The Pokemon Company

Pokémon UNITE will be receiving a massive update on Aug. 4, and among the extensive list of balancing changes is the addition of a spectate feature.

The spectate feature will be tested from Aug. 4 to 6 and will give players the chance to peek into the games of their friends.

The feature was first announced in the notes for this upcoming patch, so little has been shared about how it will function or what limitations its use will have. Given the MOBA-style gameplay, it the function could have a small delay for viewers so that it can’t be used to cheat.

It also isn’t clear whether the test will be restricted to normal play or if you’ll be able to watch on as fellow players attempt to test their skills in the game’s ranked mode. We’ll have to wait to Aug. 4 to get some answers, but the fact that the feature is being introduced so quickly is a positive sign for players who have been requesting the feature since its launch.

In the weeks since its launch, Pokémon UNITE has been consistent with adding new content for players, and has listened to community feedback to craft the specifics of this upcoming patch that will surely shake up the meta with its laundry list of balancing changes.

The spectate test will go live at 4am CT on Aug. 4 and run until 4am CT on Aug. 6.