The most popular Overwatch Workshop mode is…UNO?

Jeff Kaplan updates us on usage statistics for the most popular fan-created modes.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

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Overwatch players are apparently really into card games, lava, and hot potato, according to Overwatch‘s lead designer Jeff Kaplan.

Kaplan posted some interesting statistics on the official Blizzard forums about the popularity of game modes created in the Overwatch Workshop, which launched on live servers May 21. And out of all of the game modes, the most played mode in North America and Europe is UNO. Yes, the card game.

With 1,556 matches totaling a whopping 1,370 hours of play time, UNO is the most popular Workshop game mode by a wide margin. Kaplan cited Overwatch‘s Global Insights group, who theorized that the popularity may result from consolidation since “there is only 1 version of UNO floating around, but hundreds of accuracy trainer variations.”

There are only two other modes with over 1,000 hours of collective playtime: Lava Parkour, a mode in which players must jump to checkpoints as a series of heroes, and McCree Hot Potato, which involves passing around an imagined flaming spud. Hammond Racing is exactly what it sounds like and it comes in at fourth place. Gun Game came in at fifth on the list, but the game mode was turned into the Hero Gauntlet, which can be played in the arcade section of Overwatch.

The above statistics were just for the North American and European regions. South Korea has taken a particular liking to a game mode called “High Blood Pressure Marathon,” according to the post. In this mode, players get infinite ultimates, no cooldowns, and some “other crazy things” to deal with. It must be worth it; players have logged 5,447 hours on the mode.

These statistics represent the game modes played until May 30. With the introduction of Workshop to live servers a week ago, more modes may begin to rival the current front-runners.