Overwatch fans see new McCree Hot Potato mode hit the Workshop

Make every shot count.

McCree hot potato
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

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Following the release of Overwatch‘s Workshop on the Public Test Realm, players have been making creations fit to be added to the actual game. With enough patience and creativity, people have built some extremely-fun game modes, and Workshop hasn’t even been released for a month yet.

A game mode has been made where players are set in a free-for-all match with only McCrees. There is another element to the madness, however. This isn’t a standard free-for-all—it’s a “hot potato” themed battle.

In this “hot potato” game mode, one player starts off “with the potato” and must pass it to another player by shooting or punching them. The catch is whoever has the “hot potato” is set on fire, which will damage them until they pass it to another player.

Players must duck behind whatever cover is available and try to be the last McCree standing in order to earn a point. Once a victor is decided, a new round will begin. Competitors are encouraged to stand inside a designated zone since it means the potato will damage players at a significantly higher rate.

The game mode supports nine maps, including Blizzard World, Dorado, Ilios and Oasis. If you want to hop into Overwatch and try out this hot potato mode for yourself, the current Workshop code for it is 9J4NE.