Overwatch’s Workshop is now live

Create your own game modes and hero abilities through the Workshop.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

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This year’s Overwatch Anniversary event is in full swing, but that’s not the only thing to celebrate. The game’s newest feature, the Workshop, joined live servers with the event in today’s update and is now available once more for fans to unleash their creativity.

Blizzard first released the Workshop on the Overwatch Public Test Region in April. The feature allows players to create their own game modes and prototype heroes through an adapted version of the game’s original scripting system.

Since the Workshop’s release on the game’s PTR, Overwatch fans have been busy creating new and unique game modes, such as Hammond Racing, Spies and Mercs, and Ana Paintball. One user created a gun game, similar to the Arms Race game mode from Counter-Strike, which was added to Overwatch’s Arcade with today’s update under the name Hero Gauntlet.

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To use the Workshop on live servers, players will need to venture into the game browser tab from the play menu. From there, they will need to create their own game and click on the settings tab and choose the Workshop feature.

Lobby hosts can set the scripts for their custom games by choosing conditions and their resulting actions for each event. Once they’ve determined the parameters, lobby hosts can invite their friends and start the game to try out their new creation.

Codes from early PTR creations can still be used in the Workshop. To import a code, players will need to click on “Presets” from the settings menu in the custom game lobby and enter in their code.


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