When does Overwatch 2 season 4 end?

It's a date worth saving.

Lifeweaver stretches his arms out while B.O.B fires bullets from his arm on a raised platform behind him.
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Overwatch 2’s shift to a battle pass system means players have a limited amount of time to earn a plethora of in-game cosmetics for both a free and premium track. Luckily, Blizzard Entertainment has attempted to make the battle pass timing as standardized as possible.

Season four began on April 11, and since then there has been a timer displayed on the in-game battle pass page that shows how many more days remain in the season. This season not only introduced the new support hero Lifeweaver, but it also gave the tank hero Sigma a Mythic rarity skin at level 80 of the battle pass.

With tons of cosmetics and prestige titles to earn in season four, it makes sense that players would want to know exactly how long they have until the season comes to an end and when season five will begin.

What time does season four end in Overwatch 2?

Season four is set to end on Tuesday, June 13, around 1pm CT—just about two months after its start, according to Overwatch 2’s in-game timer. This is consistent with how long other seasons have lasted thus far in OW2.

Additionally, the day being a Tuesday lines up perfectly with how the developers have released content in the past as well. If history holds true, season four will conclude around the middle of the day on June 13 for players in North America, and season five will begin sometime that afternoon.

Blizzard released a new trailer for season five today, showing off what’s in store for season five, including new fantasy-themed skins. Season five’s battle pass will focus on this fantasy theme, with Tracer’s Mythic Adventurer skin front and center, and will allow players to earn a Mythic skin before tier 80 for the first time.

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