Overwatch Archives ends today—that means the Retribution event will be removed, too

The event will end sometime today, according to Blizzard.

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Three weeks have passed, and Overwatch Archives is scheduled to end today.

The annual Overwatch event—last year it was called Overwatch Uprising—is set to end at some point today, according to Blizzard. The developer hasn’t specified a time. Some events have run over the allotted time frame, so there’s a chance Overwatch Archives will be around a bit longer. But if you’re jonesing for some co-op Overwatch brawling you’re going to want to do it today, just to be sure.

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The Overwatch Retribution and Uprising brawls will also be stuffed back into the archives until next year. The new cosmetics—skins, sprays, emotes—will be going away too. Didn’t get the new Blackwatch Moira skin? You’ve got a few hours left to load up on loot boxes.

Overwatch Archives has been ongoing since April 10. The team starting to drop clues on a new playable brawl shortly before the event, hinting that players would be able to take over as Overwatch’s black ops team, Blackwatch.

Declassified mission files from the in-lore event have continued to be revealed since the event’s start. We know exactly what went wrong when the Blackwatch strike team entered Talon headquarters in Venice. Reaper (then known as Gabriel Reyes) went off mission—and they had to fight their way out of the city.

Players will be able to take to the streets of Venice even after the Overwatch Retribution event ends. A payload map called Rialto is currently in testing on the Overwatch PTR. No word yet on when it’ll make it over to the live sever.

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