Overwatch League MVPs will no longer be commemorated with in-game skins

Perhaps the coolest part of being league MVP has been taken away.

Screengrab via Overwatch League

Blizzard has announced that the recently revealed Overwatch League skin for its 2020 MVP will be the last of its kind.

Blizzard snuck a disappointing, easily missed little detail into the announcement of the two unique Overwatch skins that were recently added to the game celebrating the reigning champions and MVP of the OWL:

Don’t miss out, as this is the last time a skin will be made for the Overwatch League MVP.


Such commemorative in-game loot first started after the 2019 OWL season, where MVP Sung-hyeon “JJoNak” Bang had a hand in designing a Cthulu type skin for his best hero, Zenyatta. In 2020, Jay “Sinatraa” Won was named as the league’s MVP, inspiring an alien-like skin for Zarya.

However, amidst ongoing well-evidenced allegations of sexual assault toward former MVP Sinatraa, Blizzard has decided to offer refunds for anyone who purchased the skin.

It could be that this scandal is the reason why MVPs will not be receiving skins in the future, or more likely, a lack of availability and resources due to COVID-19 related issues. Te release of Overwatch 2, which would have all hands on deck at Blizzard, could be another factor ahead of its planned release later this year.