Overwatch’s competitive 6-vs-6 elimination season ends today

You have until 7pm CT to play.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s new six-vs-six Competitive Elimination season ends today.

The new ranked playlist was added to Overwatch in mid-April. Six-vs-six Competitive Elimination pits two teams of six Overwatch players against each other with no objectives other than eliminating the enemy team. Once a player has died, they can’t respawn. Matches are comprised of multiple rounds, and each round locks out Overwatch heroes used to win the round before.

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The team with the most points from winning rounds wins the match.

“All previous elimination maps are available to play this season, but we’ve also added Autthaya to the mix as an elimination map,” Mercer wrote in the Overwatch forum for the initial launch. “To play, simply choose the Competitive Elimination card in the Arcade.”

Like with Overwatch’s regular Competitive Play season, rewards are given out for completing placement matches, as well for being a top 500 player. Players have until tonight at 7pm CT to earn those rewards.

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Blizzard hasn’t mentioned whether it’ll bring back Competitive Elimination for another season, though it seems likely.

Overwatch’s 10th season of Competitive Play began last week, adding the game’s new support hero to the mix. Brigitte became available in Competitive Play after being disabled for the entirety of season nine. A new Overwatch map called Rialto was released after the start of season 10, but Blizzard hasn’t mentioned exactly when it’ll become available in the new season.