One classic Overwatch hero is ruining the fun of matches for some players

You don't even need to be good to get one-shot kills.

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With 37 playable heroes in Overwatch 2, there is a plethora of options for gamers to find what they love in the game. But there is also an abundance of potential for players to find things they despise as well.

Hanzo has always been among the heroes who can be extraordinarily frustrating to both play with and against for some players. While the projectile sharpshooter has one-shot potential in the right hands, many solo queue players don’t necessarily have the skill to make the most of him.

But for some players, the seeming randomness of Hanzo’s one-shot kills can be rage-inducing. Thus, one fan posted a question on social media earlier today for others to chime in and discuss: Has Hanzo become “one of the most insufferable heroes in the game?”

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The Reddit post quickly drew fun responses from fans who sarcastically commented they “love getting one tapped” by a Hanzo player who is simply spamming arrows at a corner he suspects someone will peek around.

Often compared to the game’s other sniper character Widowmaker, Hanzo is largely viewed as a hero who has a bit more survivability against an enemy’s attempt to dive him. Additionally, as a hitscan hero, Widowmaker’s shots and the charge time required for her snipes make her feel like she at least requires a higher skill cap.

While Hanzo is certainly among the most notoriously irritating heroes to play against because of his spammable one-shot potential, he most assuredly isn’t the only character to make the list of hated heroes. The original Reddit poster today also noted that Junkrat and Mei can be annoying to play against. Meanwhile, Sombra is often criticized for the irksome nature of her invisibility and hacking abilities.

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