Overwatch 2 devs are making players wait just a bit longer for roadmap update

When will we hear about PvE?

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Overwatch 2 executive producer Jared Neuss told fans last month that an update for the game’s “roadmap” would be revealed in April. And with just a couple of days left in the month, he posted on Twitter today to give players one of gaming’s classic tropes—an announcement… of an announcement.

That’s right, Neuss didn’t have any updates for Overwatch 2’s content plans prepared quite yet. Instead, he told fans he didn’t necessarily lie about giving an “update.”

“Last month, I teased a roadmap update coming in April,” he wrote. “Well, it’s still technically April and I have an announcement for an announcement for you all. In mid-May, [OW2 game director Aaron Keller] and I are going to provide an update on what’s coming to [Overwatch 2].”

While the news is more of an admission that Blizzard isn’t prepared to give players a new roadmap, Neuss did at least give a timeline for a new update to come. One would anticipate that “mid-May” could be anywhere from May 10 until around May 25 perhaps, but that at least narrows things down a bit.

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In a reply to his own post, Neuss admitted that he and his team wanted to get a roadmap update to players earlier, and he even ambiguously added that the roadmap would “include some details” and “also include some… mysteries.”

Blizzard games are typically known for giving a “roadmap” from time to time that lays out general timeframes for when players might be able to expect content. While roadmaps for other games, like World of Warcraft, often include a lot of vague information, they sometimes tease significant content for players to prepare for.

Ahead of Neuss’ announcement, some players have speculated that the OW2 roadmap might include some information about the team’s plans for a PvE mode. But that has not yet been confirmed.


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