New Overwatch 2 visual updates for Baptiste and Sombra revealed at Summer Games Fest

Baptiste and Sombra will be rocking new looks in the sequel.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 will be bringing a lot of new features to the game, including a five-vs-five team setup and upgraded hero abilities. But all of Overwatch‘s characters will also be getting a makeover for the sequel.

Game director Aaron Keller revealed two new hero redesigns during the Summer Games Fest kickoff stream today, giving fans a first look at how battle medic Baptiste and legendary hacker Sombra will look in Overwatch 2.

Baptiste currently rocks a relatively practical look in Overwatch, sticking to the bare minimum of armor to stay sleek and fast. In Overwatch 2, his hair has been updated to a cool mohawk that Keller said involves new “shader tech.” The support hero also has heavier armor in a more blue-toned theme to signify his status as both a warrior and a medic.

Image by Blizzard Entertainment

Sneaky damage dealer Sombra has a much more subtle redesign that focuses on updates to her basic outfit. Her hair has always been a bright shade of purple with a side undercut, but thanks to new shaders in Overwatch 2, it has renewed brilliance and increased detail.

Elements like circuitry and nodes have been added to Sombra’s outfit to indicate how deeply her persona is rooted in hacking and disrupting the mainframe. In the base game, Sombra’s clothing is dark purple and black, allowing her to blend in with the shadows. The updated look for the sequel is brighter and more chromatic, integrating light blue holographic elements.

Baptiste and Sombra join other heroes whose redesigned looks have been revealed so far, like Reinhardt, Mei, and Widowmaker. Thanks to updated shaders and engine abilities in Overwatch 2, all heroes will get at least a minor makeover to make them more dynamic and interesting to meld with the game’s extensively detailed maps.