New Overwatch 2 screenshots of Ramattra surface, showcase latest tank’s abilities

The 36th hero will be available next month.

New hero Ramattra.
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

An enemy that has lurked in the background of Overwatch lore for years will soon join the sequel’s lineup as one of the most towering characters present in the game.

Various in-game images of Overwatch 2’s upcoming tank hero, Ramattra, appeared online today, including a brief teaser of the hero’s unique abilities from an interview from GamerBraves with members of the game’s development team. This follows the initial reveal of the game’s 36th hero last night at the Overwatch League Grand Finals, where a trailer provided a bit of information on the origins of the leader of Null Sector, who will be joining the game on Dec. 6.

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The images shared today showcase the daunting size of the omnic, towering over many of the game’s heroes while also demonstrating Ramattra’s more peaceful side—one akin to Zenyatta, who was revealed to be a “brother figure” to the tank hero. He appears to shoot projectiles from the large staff he wields, which is likely Ramattra’s primary form of attacking.

One of the images displays Ramattra’s “Nemesis” form, in which he unleashes his aggressive side to forego the protection he offers his allies in favor of sheer offense. Based on these in-game screenshots of Ramattra, this form change appears to be tied to his ultimate, but no concrete confirmation has been detailed thus far.

Alongside these teaser images, various gameplay screenshots of Ramattra have also been revealed, depicting him using an ability that locks enemies in what appears to be an electric cage, as well as blocking damage with an ability that seems similar to Doomfist’s Power Block. Ramattra also has unlimited ammo and a shield ability tied to his alternate fire, much like Sigma.

No specific details regarding what these abilities do have been revealed outside of these screenshots.

Ramattra will debut alongside the release of season two of Overwatch 2 on Dec. 6, though is likely to be locked behind a late tier of the free track of the battle pass, much like Kiriko was for new players in season one. However, players that purchase the premium track of the upcoming battle pass will likely receive Ramattra immediately without having to grind.