Overwatch 2’s next tank uses dual forms to protect—and avenge—his teammates

Are you ready to transform?

New hero Ramattra.
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2′s next hero, Ramattra, will be able to shift between two different forms to better help his team on the battlefield.

In a press Q&A, the development team at Blizzard Entertainment revealed that one of Ramattra’s abilities allows him to transform between Omnic form and Nemesis form. In Omnic form, the Null Sector leader can deploy a barrier that can shield his teammates and is better suited to protecting his team and poking from afar. Nemesis form is a much more aggressive form that increases his physical size and allows him to rush the enemy team, leading his allies forward in a fight.

Blizzard has not revealed all of Ramattra’s kit yet, but the devs did say he will have slightly different abilities in Omnic form and Nemesis form. The form shift itself is similar to Bastion’s: it’s an ability with a cooldown. The team hopes that much of the skill behind Ramattra will arise from knowing when to shift and what form to use in any given situation. He has more abilities than the average hero, but we don’t know everything he can do yet. Blizzard plans to share more information soon.

This shift between Omnic and Nemesis is a gameplay mirror to Ramattra’s lore. In his origin story, which was shared during tonight’s Overwatch League Grand Finals, Blizzard revealed he is the leader of omnic group Null Sector, which has appeared previously in the franchise. After being built for war, he abandoned fighting to pursue a life of peace with the Shambali, the same organization that Zenyatta is a part of. Despite his best efforts, he grew tired of waiting for humans and omnics to find common ground and took up the Null Sector banner to fight back.

Ramattra will be Overwatch 2’s next playable hero when season two launches on Dec. 6.