Here are all of the 2021 Overwatch Archives skins

Take a trip back in time with these historical looks.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The 2021 Overwatch Archives event is hitting the rewind button in more ways than one. This annual event, which begins today and runs through April 27, normally takes players on a trip through important missions from Overwatch’s past. 

All of the classic Archives missions will be live for this year’s event and players will get the chance to rack up weekly challenge rewards in a new way. Overwatch designers have doubled down on the historical theme of the event by giving heroes skins that are inspired by their individual cultural histories. 


These Epic skins can only be unlocked by participating in weekly challenges throughout the Archives event. 

Corredor Lúcio 

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The frog is on the run in this Epic skin, which can be earned by racking up stars during the first Archives weekly challenge. “Corredor” translates to “runner” in Portuguese, meaning Lúcio might look even faster than usual in this outfit. The support has upgraded to a sleek orange and black number that has more goth details than we ever thought Lúcio was capable of rocking. 

Subaquatic Zenyatta 

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Ten thousand leagues under Nepal lies this genuinely unsettling version of Zenyatta. The omnic monk has previously been cast as the monster under the deep with his Cthulhu-inspired Cultist skin. But now he’s a seafaring explorer—or at least the exploration vessel for deep-diving. Zenyatta’s face has been replaced with a submarine headlight and his entire body has been bronzed like an old ship. 

Camouflage Mercy 

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Listen, we all have bad hair days. Mercy’s is just more obvious than most in this Epic skin, which can be earned through the third Archives weekly challenge. The “camouflage” portion of this skin likely refers to her black and olive green outfit, which doesn’t stand out in a crowd as much as Mercy’s usual glowing gear. Mercy’s new jet black hair color, however, looks more strange than stealthy. 


Legendary skins can be unlocked by opening Archives loot boxes. The skins are also available for 3,000 gold a piece in the Hero Gallery. 

Cavalry Tracer

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

This time, the cavalry is really here. For this year’s Archives event, the designers went with a historical theme for Legendary skins. Tracer’s newest outfit looks like it comes straight out of the Revolutionary War, with a regal hat and uniform bearing Britain’s colors and flag. Even Tracer’s futuristic pistols have been given a makeover to more closely resemble two old-school revolvers.   

1776 Soldier: 76

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

If Tracer gets to represent Britain, it only makes sense for Soldier: 76 to bring the Hamilton vibes. Soldier is normally the most plain and practical of Overwatch’s heroes, but this skin gives him the full colonial look, complete with a fluffy ascot and pressed white gloves. While the outfit is dapper, he also looks like he could be participating in a museum war recreation.    

Mousquetaire Widowmaker

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Keeping with the trend of historical outfits, Widowmaker gets a nod to her French heritage with the Mousquetaire skin. In the 18th century, Mousquetaires (or musketeers) used their sharp-shooting abilities as a part of the French royal army. Widowmaker dons a musketeer’s hat, complete with a fancy feather, as well as a battle tunic bearing the fleur de lis. 

Polyanitsa Zarya

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

In old Russian tales, the “polyanitsa” exists as a legendary female warrior. If any sentence more appropriately described Zarya, we haven’t found it yet. The athlete dons a full suit of ancient armor in chrome and red. Her hair has been done into an amazingly cool undercut and braid combination that looks a little bit Viking but feels very, very badass. 

Bushi Genji

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Genji is about the closest thing to a modern-day samurai in Overwatch lore, wielding swords with finesse thanks to his intense training. The Bushi skin takes that idea much further, giving him a full suit of samurai armor and sharp, ancient swords. He even has a golden crown that bears the Shimada clan’s dual dragon symbol. 

The Overwatch Archives event runs from April 6 to 27. All Legendary skins, as well as skins from past Archives events, will be available throughout the duration of the event. Epic skins can only be earned through weekly challenges, so make sure to rack up stars during weeks that have cosmetics you’re after.