Overwatch Archives’ next 2021 skin is Bushi Genji

Slice, dice, and look nice.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Genji wants a slice of attention before this year’s Overwatch Archives event launches on April 6

Earlier today, Mousquetaire Widowmaker was revealed as the first skin for the 2021 Archives event. Next up is Bushi Genji, a brilliantly detailed skin that takes the swordsman to a whole new level of ancient warrior. 

The term “bushi” means “warrior” in Japanese and was often used to refer to samurai, legendary fighters that protected feudal landlords. Genji gets the full samurai treatment with this Legendary skin. 

Genji’s regular armor is slim and streamlined, but this updated version of ancient samurai armor includes the iconic “scaled” panels and an extremely excessive helm. This helmet has both protective armor and a golden crown bearing the Shimada clan’s double dragon symbol.

While the skin is intended to feel like a throwback to ancient times, Bushi Genji still feels futuristic. The green glow of Genji’s inner cybernetic workings still shines through his hood and the gaps of his armor. His sword, modeled after the plain and deadly weapons of the samurai era, has glowing green strips to signify its owner. 

The two revealed skins for the 2021 Overwatch Archives event are both inspired by warriors from history. Normally, this event takes players back to scenarios that were important for Overwatch. This year’s “theme” for skins may include a menagerie of historically-inspired looks.

The 2021 Overwatch Archives event begins on April 6.