The 2021 Overwatch Archives event is live

A new way of racking up challenge rewards should keep fans busy all month.

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Hit the rewind button and dive back into the Overwatch Archives. The 2021 version of the event is now live and runs from April 6 to 27. This year, Archives brings eight new skins and a ton of new cosmetics for players to enjoy. 

Unfortunately for fans, due to the developer’s focus on Overwatch 2, there will be no new PvE Archives missions this year. All three of the existing Archives missions—Uprising, Retribution, and Storm Rising—will be playable throughout the duration of this year’s event, however. To make things spicy, new challenges will arise every week to test your mettle in these classic stories. 

Challenge stars 

During Overwatch events, there are usually three weekly challenges. Each of these challenges includes an Epic skin as a reward after players rack up nine wins in Overwatch. For this year’s Archives event, though, the developers are switching it up and testing a new celestial reward system. 

Instead of wins, players will now earn “stars” as they participate in Overwatch Archives missions. Players don’t have to complete (or beat) the mission to earn stars. Tougher missions, like those on Expert difficulty, will reward more stars.

This way, players will be rewarded just for participating in Archives missions and taking their best shot at the most difficult challenges the developers can throw at them. 

Each week, players will have to earn 10 stars to unlock a player icon, 20 stars to unlock an exclusive spray, and 30 stars to unlock the week’s Epic skin. A specific Archives mission will be highlighted each week and will reward double stars. 

Week one 

Overwatch’s first Archives mission, Uprising, will reward double credit. Tackle challenges like “Molten Core,” in which enemies drop lava on death, for increased difficulty and reward. Earning 30 stars this week will unlock the Epic skin Corredor Lúcio. 

Week two

Archives: Retribution, the tale of Blackwatch’s dark mission in Rialto, will give double credit this week. A new mission challenge this year is “Sympathy Pains,” where damaging one enemy gives health back to the other ones remaining. Tackling Retribution and earning 30 stars will unlock Subaquatic Zenyatta.  

Week three 

Head back to Havana to catch up with Maximilien and discover the mysteries surrounding him, which may be important in Overwatch 2. This year’s new Storm Rising mission challenge is “Thunderstorm,” which gives enemies electric power that damages nearby players. After tackling the storm, players can earn 30 stars to unlock Camouflage Mercy.    

The Overwatch Archives event begins on April 6 and runs through April 27. Be sure to participate in weekly challenges to earn the Epic skins. Once a skin’s weekly challenge is over, that cosmetic can’t be earned at any other point during the event. 


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