Dallas Fuel acquires SP9RK1E from Paris Eternal

Element Mystic 2.0 is launching.

Photo by Tonya McCahon via Activision Blizzard Entertainment

After completely demolishing its roster earlier this week, the Dallas Fuel is starting its 2021 rebuild with a familiar face. 

Dallas has acquired DPS Kim “SP9RK1E” Young-han from the Paris Eternal, the Overwatch League team announced today. He joins the only remaining player on the 2020 Fuel roster, DPS Kim “Doha” Dong-ha. Former Paris Eternal head coach Yon “Rush” Hee-won has also joined the Dallas Fuel, creating the perfect setting for an Overwatch Contenders reunion.  

SP9RK1E, Doha, and coach Rush, as well as interim Dallas head coach Kim “Yong” Young-jin, were once a part of Element Mystic, a successful Overwatch Contenders Korea team. These players were a part of the team’s wildly successful 2019 season, which included a Contenders season championship and a Pacific Showdown victory.    

During the 2019 offseason, SP9RK1E was arguably the most high-profile signing considering his stellar performance as a part of Element Mystic. The Paris Eternal opted to sign him well before he turned 18 and could be eligible to play in the Overwatch League. After his birthday in late May, SP9RK1E joined the Eternal’s starting roster. 

While many fans were worried he was overhyped, SP9RK1E delivered for the Eternal in every way possible. He took home a 2020 Role Star award despite only playing half the season. In addition, many analysts place Paris Eternal’s Summer Showdown tournament win on the shoulders of SP9RK1E’s immaculate Genji play.  

This signing indicates that the Fuel could be looking at an all-Korean roster for the 2021 Overwatch League season if the team commits to the full Element Mystic reunion.