Paris Eternal sign SP9RK1E, add coaching staff

The team nabs a huge Contenders pickup and three new coaches.

Photo by Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment

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The City of Lights is about to get much brighter. The Paris Eternal revealed the signing of Kim “SP9RK1E” Young-han, a rising star in the Overwatch Contenders circuit, today. The team also signed a head coach and two assistant coaches, including a former Overwatch League support.

SP9RK1E made his name as a DPS for Element Mystic, a wildly successful team in Overwatch Contenders Korea. Element Mystic most recently won the Contenders Gauntlet, defeating ATL Academy in the grand finals. SP9RK1E has been one of the most sought-after players thanks to his immaculate flex DPS play.

While SP9RK1E is a key addition for the Eternal, he won’t be allowed to participate in the Overwatch League until May 31, 2020 when he turns 18.

The Paris Eternal also signed Yun “Rush” Hee-won as the team’s head coach. As the former head coach of Element Mystic, Rush has experience in coaching a championship-level team. Jeong “Levi” Chung-Hyeok, a former assistant coach for the Shanghai Dragons and Element Mystic, has been brought on as an assistant coach.

Go “Aid” Jae-yoon, a former support for the Toronto Defiant in the Overwatch League, has also been signed as an assistant coach. He joins Kim “NineK” Beom-hoon, a former assistant coach for the San Francisco Shock, who was signed last week.

With these massive coaching changes, it’s obvious that the Paris Eternal are opting for a mixed roster model for the 2020 Overwatch League season. The team was previously an all-Western roster focused on European talent.

Yesterday, the Paris Eternal released four players from key positions that have yet to be filled, such as off-tank.