Boston Uprising promote Swimmer and Mouffin

The Uprising Academy players are graduating to the big leagues.

Photo by Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment

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Get those caps and gowns ready. Two players from the Boston Uprising’s Overwatch Contenders team, Uprising Academy, are graduating to the big leagues.

The Uprising revealed today that support Gabriel “Swimmer” Levy and off-tank Walid “Mouffin” Bassal will be brought up to the Overwatch League.

Swimmer has played main support for numerous Overwatch Contenders teams over the past year, including Skyfoxes and Toronto Esports, which eventually became Uprising Academy. Mouffin also played for Eminent and was a part of Team Canada’s backup roster for the 2019 Overwatch World Cup.

Mouffin will be on a two-way contract, according to the Boston Uprising. This means he’s eligible to play in both Overwatch League matches and Overwatch Contenders games throughout the 2020 season. If he plays in an Overwatch League match, he’s unable to compete in Uprising Academy games that week. A certain amount of Overwatch League competition will also disqualify him from Overwatch Contenders games.

This isn’t the first time the Boston Uprising have pulled from their academy roster. Main tank Cameron “Fusions” Bosworth began the 2019 season as a two-way contract player and ended up a staple part of the Uprising’s starting roster. Fusions is one of the few original players from the 2019 Uprising that remains in the league after the team let go of six players earlier in the offseason.

Last month, the Boston Uprising acquired flex support Seo “Myunbong” Sang-min and DPS Min “Jerry” Tae-Hui. With the addition of Swimmer and Mouffin, the team now has a viable starting roster. Every team in the Overwatch League must present an eight-player roster by Nov. 15. With seven officially signed players, the Boston Uprising are almost there.

The Boston Uprising will hold two homestands for fans during the 2020 Overwatch League season.