Best holiday event skins in Overwatch

'Tis the season.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Christmas is officially here and nothing brings about the festive spirit like Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland event and all the cosmetics that come with it.

The 2020 Winter Wonderland event kicked off on Dec. 15, bringing several new skins to Overwatch. There are now more than 30 event skins that have been added to the game over the past few years.

While all of the cosmetics fit the Winter Wonderland theme, there are a few that stick out more than others in terms of representing the holiday spirit.

In case you’re worried you might miss out on some of the best items that Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland event has to offer, we’ve compiled a list of the most festive skins that will make you want to celebrate the holidays in style.

Rudolph Roadhog

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Roadhog might have a belly that’d suggest he’s jolly old Saint Nick, but during Overwatch’s first Winter Wonderland event in 2016, the developers turned his superhuman-sized belly button into a glowing red nose.

Complete with reindeer antlers and a candy cane hook, Roadhog’s Epic Rudolph skin showed off all of the green and red clothing you’d expect from someone prepping for a holiday party.

This skin is made complete with the transformation of Roadhog’s “Wild Hog Power” tattoo into a smiling Rudolph just above a “HOHOHOG” license-plate sized belt buckle.

Scrooge McCree

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Another Epic level skin, McCree’s Scrooge skin embodies the hero’s loner status.

While McCree himself isn’t known for being wealthy or insufferable, this snow-covered skin is a way for you to more subtly express your love for the holiday season.

Rocking gray hair and gold specs, this skin is highlighted by a long-brimmed top hat and a “GAMF” belt buckle instead of McCree’s standard “BAMF” buckle.

Santaclad Torbjörn

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Nothing is quite as festive during the holiday season as Santa Claus himself. And no character in Overwatch could embody the spirit of Santa more than everyone’s favorite Swedish turret builder, Torbjörn.

Coming from the inaugural Winter Wonderland event, Torb’s Santaclad skin includes a full red Santa Claus outfit with a pair of bright green Christmas trees for shoulder pads and golden bells tying his beard braids together.

No one can truly consider themselves a Torb main without rocking this Legendary skin during the Winter Wonderland event.

Nutcracker Zenyatta

Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

Arguably one of the best skins for Zenyatta in the game, the Nutcracker skin from 2017’s Winter Wonderland event allows players to crack skulls by flinging completely intact walnuts at opponents.

Dressed in red, navy, and white military garb, this Legendary skin perfectly resembles the iconic protagonist of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s late 19th-century ballet.

Zenyatta’s floating walnut orbs for the skin circle a luscious head of white hair that matches an immaculately groomed handlebar mustache sitting above those big white chompers you expect to see on a nutcracker in real life.

Yeti Winston

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Winston is definitely not a monkey and he’ll be the first to let you know that he’s a scientist. But during the holidays, his Legendary Yeti skin will have your primal rage ultimate abilities looking more abominable than ever.

With a jetpack and outfit laced with the skulls of hoofed mammals, players might start questioning how civilized your Winston is.

Though this skin was added in 2016, a special game mode called “Mei’s Yeti Hunt” was added specifically to give players a chance to fully embrace the skin in 2017. The five-vs-one arcade mode allows one overpowered Yeti-skinned Winston to take on five players using Mei in a fight to the death.

Jingle Tracer

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

If you’re the type of player who loves caroling, Tracer’s Winter Wonderland skin will have you jingling all the way.

This bright green elf outfit is topped off with a Christmas hat and small bells around the edge of Tracer’s dress that ring as you hop around. From her pointy-toed slippers to her festive leggings, this skin’s appearance matches Tracer’s high levels of charisma.

Krampus Junkrat

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

If you’ve been naughty this year, you might want to watch out because Overwatch’s Krampus has a thing for blowing stuff up.

The half-goat, half-demon known as Krampus serves as a juxtaposition to Santa Claus, according to central European folklore. Instead of giving gifts to good children, he punishes kids who haven’t listened to their parents or done their chores.

Dressed similarly to Torb’s Santaclad skin, this Legendary Junkrat cosmetic, which was released in 2018, has the red outfit you expect to see on Saint Nick—but something’s just a little bit off about it.

With an unbuttoned shirt exposing his chest hair, this Krampus uniform has some patchwork stitching that will make children uneasy. It might not be as bright and joyous as other winter skins, but considering Junkrat’s personality, this demonic spin on the holidays is all a Junkrat one-trick could want this season.