You can now remake all modes, including ranked games, in Wild Rift

The feature is now available in all modes to offer some respite against players who go AFK.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games has finally added the ability to remake matches in League of Legends: Wild Rift to all game modes, including ranked. If a player in your team leaves at the start of a match, you can now vote to remake the game.

Remake was first introduced only to Normal PvP games with Patch 3.2 earlier this month. Riot likely wanted to test the feature out before launching it completely. It appears that the test results were positive as it is now available in all modes. Riot said in a tweet that it would be keeping an “eye on this feature,” meaning that it could make adjustments to it in the future.

If the vote to remake the match is successful, no team will get a loss and all consumables will be refunded. Only the player who went AFK will receive a loss.

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In Patch 3.2, Riot made several adjustments to punish players who leave a match. If a player leaves in the middle of a ranked match, a higher amount of Ranked Fortitude or VP will be deducted from them. The rest of the team will lose less VP or get more Ranked Fortitude.

Patch 3.2 also introduced Ekko, Guild-vs-Guild season three, a new Wild Pass, and several balance changes to the game. There will also be two tests for the Elemental Rift mode in this patch, the first of which is currently ongoing. In the current test, Riot has made a chance which causes Elemental Dragons’ effects to stack instead of getting a Dragon Soul.