Wild Rift’s Stargazer event is giving players two icons, a recall animation, emote, and more

The game's first exclusive skin line is here, and it has brought a new event to the game.

Image via Riot Games

With the arrival of the new Stargazer skin line, Riot Games is running a new event for League of Legends: Wild Rift. The event is giving players new icons, emote, blue motes, a recall animation, and more.

The event will run until April 27 with two new missions being unlocked every day. These missions grant event XP which can be used to earn rewards.

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If you are not able to complete your daily missions on time, don’t worry. They will be stored in the “celestial vault” and will become available on completing the previous ones.


Here are the missions and the event XP they grant for all 11 days of the Stargazer event in Wild Rift.

DayMisssionObjective(s)Event XP
1Heavenly RichesEarn 70,000 gold10 Event XP
 Stargazers Unite!Play five games or;
Win two games of ARAM
15 Event XP
2They Are UnworthyAs a team, kill 1,000 minions10 Event XP
 Pride of the OrderPlay five games or;
Get an A or S rating in two games
15 Event XP
3Sigil of the CrabAs a team, kill 10 Rift Scuttlers10 Event XP
 The Blade’s EdgePlay five games or;
Win one game as or with Stargazer Camille
15 Event XP
4Supernova!Deal 100,000 damage to enemy champions10 Event XP
 LightspeedPlay five games or;
Win one game in under 13 minutes
15 Event XP
5Scry The HeavensPlace or destroy 25 wards10 Event XP
 The Eternal GamblerPlay five games or;
Win one game as or with Stargazer Twisted Fate
15 Event XP
6Stellar MightGet 60 takedowns10 Event XP
 Wrath of the OrderPlay 6 games or;
As a team, get a total of five aces
15 Event XP
7Cull the Drakes!As a team, kill five dragons10 Event XP
 Obelisk RemovalPlay six games or;
Win a game where seven or more turrets were destroyed
15 Event XP
8Returned to DarknessKill two Barons10 Event XP
 The RemembrancerPlay six games or;
Win one game as or with Stargazer Soraka
15 Event XP
9Cosmic Purge!As a team, kill 250 monsters10 Event XP
 Sigil of the DragonPlay six games or;
As a team, kill an Elder Dragon
15 Event XP
10UnmakerAs a team, destroy 15 turrets10 Event XP
 Chosen of the StarsPlay six games or;
Get MVP/SVP two times
15 Event XP
11Embrace the Darkness!Capture or kill three Rift Heralds10 Event XP
 Age of EnlightenmentPlay six games or;
In a single game, earn five medals


The rewards for this event are as follows.

  • Stargazer Endeavor Icon: 25 Event XP
Image via Riot Games
  • Stargazer Pengu Emote: 60 Event XP
Image via Riot Games
  • 1250 Blue Motes: 95 Event XP
  • Stargazer Skin Pose Selection Chest or 200 Poro Coins: 140 Event XP
  • 1250 Blue Motes: 175 Event XP
  • To The Stars Recall: 250 Event XP
Video via Riot Games
  • Stargazer Triumph Icon: 275 Event XP
Image via Riot Games

The Stargazer skin line is the first-ever Wild Rift exclusive collection of skins for Camille, Soraka, and Twisted Fate. All of the other ones in the game have been ported from League’s PC client. It is currently available in Wild Rift’s store and can be purchased using Wild Cores.

Riot also announced yesterday that the All Random All Mid (ARAM) mode is returning to the game for a month “of testing.” The mode features the Howling Abyss, a one-lane map with two turrets and a Nexus on each side, and has shorter match times than the standard five vs. five mode.