Wild Rift ranked season one has begun

It features a soft reset for players who reached high tiers.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games announced several features set to come to Wild Rift during its livestream earlier today. And now, the first ranked season has launched for the mobile game.

This marks the end of season zero. But players who completed their placement matches won’t lose their rank unless they reached Platinum Four or above. If it’s the case, they’ll lose some ranks with a soft reset.

Here are the rank adjustments:

  • Platinum 4 to Gold 1
  • Platinum 3 to Gold 1
  • Platinum 2 to Platinum 4
  • Platinum 1 to Platinum 3
  • Emerald 4 to Platinum 2
  • Emerald 3 to Platinum 1
  • Emerald 2 to Platinum 1
  • Emerald 1 to Emerald 4
  • Diamond 4 to Emerald 3
  • Diamond 3 to Emerald 2
  • Diamond 2 to Emerald 2
  • Diamond 1 to Emerald 1
  • Master to Diamond 4
  • Grandmaster to Diamond 4
  • Challenger to Diamond 3

Players will also earn an exclusive participation icon, with the condition of having reached level 10, and an icon border depending on the rank they reached before the end of the season.

Those who reached the Gold tier and won 10 games in season zero will also receive a unique emote and emblem.

It’s unclear how long season one will last, but season zero started last October and ran through four months. Wild Rift seasons will likely be shorter than the year-long seasons of League, though, since the mobile industry generally follows a faster pace with one-to-three-month seasons.

Beyond ranked games, the most competitive players from Southeast Asia are in luck. Riot announced it’ll be supporting an active competitive scene in the region by hosting several small tournaments throughout March and then a full-fledged circuit starting in April.

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Meanwhile, five Yordle champions are joining Wild Rift: Kennen, Teemo, Tristana, Lulu, and Corki. To celebrate their addition, the Yordle Expedition event has launched and will last throughout the month.

The ARAM game mode was also announced to be joining Wild Rift in the future. It’s one of the most popular game modes from League, featuring a single-lane map and quicker XP and gold gain for faster and more aggressive games.